The summer sun is just about to come out in full force this side of the world, ready to cook your eyeballs to a crisp with its relentless rays. Hello salt squint, glare screw-eye and a little more growth on your pterygiums (yes, I had to Google how to spell that).

Obviously, there’s an easy way to combat all those maladies above – Get some new shades to cut the UV and boost your cool factor. Let’s not beat around the bush either, they’re also great for hiding your eyes when having an optic nerve at that hottie taking a dip in the ocean. Less creep effect for you, less discomfort under your laser gaze for him or her. Win/win.

Given my sunglasses have disappeared into the vortex of who-the-fuck-knows-where (along with odd socks and my car keys), I’ve been trawling the web to spot the current looks and find one that might look reasonable on my freckly melon. While looking, I figured I’d kill two birds with one rock and put together a buyer’s guide for anyone else in my situation.

Here’s a look at some of the better options out there right now.

The Half-Frame Look

If you’re a surfing fan, you’ve probably seen the majority of the Oakley team riders rocking this style of shade in their post heat interviews. Thicker rims around the top of the glasses, wire frame (or nothing) underneath. It tends to look best in a Weyfarer-style silhouette, giving some more interest for those who don’t want to just roll with the Ray Ban’s classic.

Oakley’s Latch Key is a great beachier version of this style. For one that’s a little more sophisticated, at home at a festival or yachting with rockstars, the Katana by David Kind is an absolute corker. Hello 10 year warranty. If only they fit little GPS trackers in the arms, they’d be my perfect sunglass.

Sunglasses Buyers Guide - Oakley Latch Key
Sunglasses Buyers Guide - David Kind Katana

Oakley - Latch Key - $205 aud

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David Kind - Katana - $500 aud

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The Round Look

John Lennon, Ozzy Osborn, Radar from M.A.S.H. Just a few folks who made this style of sunglasses famous. This look is back in force right now and is great for men and women alike. You could go the full wire-frame or chose thicker acetate (possibly with some little side horns for flair.). Two solid versions of this style are the Raydar from Valley in wire, or the Ditty from VZ in acetate.

Sunglasses Buyers Guide - Valley Raydar
Sunglasses Buyers Guide - Von Zipper Ditty

Valley - Raydar - $240 aud

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Von Zipper - Ditty - $220 aud

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The Square-ish Look

If you’ve got a rounder face (like me) it can feel a bit weird going the full round sunglasses. So, a squarer version might be good to offset things. I love the Pierce by Raen for this. They’ve got rounded edges, so you’re getting the best of both worlds, and even have a burlwood acetate feature around the bottom of the frame. Kind of like fusing the half frame, round and square looks all into one. Bravo.

Another option is the Romeo from Sunday Somewhere, it’s a little more flavourful with the full gold frames. But it’s summer and you’re not here to make love to arachnids, so get some spark in your life and don the gold at the pool party this weekend

Sunglasses Buyers Guide - Raen Pierce
Sunglasses Buyers Guide - Sunday Somewhere Romeo

Raen - Pierce - $240 aud

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Sunday Somewhere - Romeo - $309 aud

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The Cross Bridge Look

Not totally new this season, but the crossbar look has been getting stronger and strong over the last couple of years. It’s adding some extra zing to both wire and acetate sunglasses, showing you’re solid in your approach but ready to cross into party mode at the drop of the sun.

Sunday Somewhere have the Odin Dua as an epic acetate/wire combo.

Ray Bay have also dropped this fun hexagonal version, for those who want some more geometry in their life. Available in black or silver, but lets face it, if you’re going Ray Ban wire frames, you’ve gotta go the gold.

Sunglasses Buyers Guide - Sunday Somewhere Odin
Sunglasses Buyers Guide - Ray Ban Marshal

Sunday Somewhere - Odin - $269 aud

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Ray-Ban - Marshal - $215 aud

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The Cat’s Eye

This wild style of sunglasses is mostly worn by women right now, but there are a few style lord men rocking it as well. Showing plenty of character with the angular edges, this look harkens back to 50s Hollywood glamour and Elton John era glitz.

Onkler have been really pushing this look with a bunch of different variations, like the For Your Eyes Only pictured here.

Le Specs also have a really great, thicker traditional version for a killer price.

Sunglasses Buyers Guide - Onkler
Sunglasses Buyers Guide - Le Specs

Onkler - For Your Eyes Only - $260 aud

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Le-Specs - Air Heart - $69 aud

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