Chilli Surfboards

The BV2

The BV2 is made for summer. This is a new model developed from Chilli Surboards popular Black Vulture model. The BV2 sits in the Summer board category and is designed with more speed, more performance than the original. With smaller, weaker waves in mind when designing this board, they’ve blended features from the original Black Vulture to create a speed generating board with a generous sweet spot.

Personally, I’ll be aiming for a 5’10 spec’d out one (maybe a 5’9 but with 5’11 girth for the big boy though…) with some FCS MR twins and trailer for that twin fin speed with some stability. Order yours from Chilli Surfboards via this link

Jay Davies

You saw Jay's clip last week right? Odds on if you want to surf like Jay you should ride the boards that Jay rides. And Jay rides Chilli Surfboards, even had a solid hand in designing the BV2. Get amongst it.


Up to 4ft, run the 2+1 (twin + trailer) setup. If you need to push it on a bigger day switch 'em out with a proper thruster setup (Fannings or Mayhems) for a bit more stability and confidence.

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