Kinda weird, kinda not, but an Amazon Prime Day Buyers Guide is on the order for Tuesday. Amazon Prime Day is almost the new Black Friday, which will be the next thing retailers get their nose out of joint on, and is generally choc-full of savings if you’re looking.

Catch is you need to be a Amazon Prime member, which most of our American audience probably already is. But you might not be in Australia, as Prime (and Amazon) have only landed on our shores in the last year or so.

The below is a run of my previous Amazon Prime browsing history while day-dreaming about what I’d spend a large lotto win on (outside of a six week boat trip thru the Ments, that is). Have a look, save some cash, Prime Day runs until tomorrow night midnight so you’ll wanna be somewhat quick if you’re serious about savings/buying anything.


NC 700’s


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Amazon Prime Day Buyer Guide

These are the holy grail of Noise Cancelling Headphones. Few, if any, do it better than Bose and these new 700’s take it all to a new level. The design is amazing, but reviews are coming in at how much better they are then the previous model and what’s on the market. If you’re up for new ones, hit the link and load up.




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Sit the Nintendo Switch alongside ‘travel needs’ with your Bose 700 Noice Cancelling Headphones. Quite the duo while on the trains/planes or even just mothing at home on the couch while Netflix runs in the background.

Cards Against



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Outside of card games that make you money, Cards Against Humanity might be the best card game since ‘Go-Fish’ came on the scene in 1984. A great game for those with a twisted imagination, just be sure to play with others who are your level. Nothing worse then dropping a wild card combo and everyone just looks at you blankly while you’re in tears…




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Amazon Prime Day Buyer Guide

First dropped back in 1953 the Submariner has become the ultimate icon of dive watches with everyone and their dad lusting after one (or if you’re a brand, creating something similar looking). An amazing watch that will stand the test of time and shitty style decisions. If you don’t have ten grand spare to drop on a watch like this, maybe sniff over at the replica market like this one (at a nice $40).




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Instant Photography, in a world driven by phones, is an amazing alternative. Doesn’t take as long as film, but not as fleeting like digital. Stick them to your wall as a visitors log, or do a daily diary with it. Either way, you’ll be stoked having one of these. Again, like the Rolex, if you don’t have the cash for the Sofort, hit up the Fuji Mini 90 it’s half the price and does pretty much the same gig.

Reigning Champ



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Good fleece is hard to find, most of the time that fluffy and cuddly piece you bought is dead after the first wash or so twisted and shrunk you can’t wear it again. Reigning Champ are the reigning champs of the fleece world. Few make fleece like them, do yourself a favour and pony up for some.

This Is Not

A T-Shirt


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Books! Love ’em. I just finished this one earlier this month and if you’re into reading up history on brands and their founders, how they came to be, etc then this book by Bobby Hundreds is well worth a flick. Not just a historical look at how The Hundreds came to be, but in general the entire ‘streetwear’ industry that blew up in the early ’00s.


Chronicle Deluxe


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This book is chock full of history definging Nike products, the catch is it’s in Japanese (not a language I’m fluent in, if you are – happy days!). Language challenges aside the sheer historical look at the old Nike product is well worth buying it, more so if you’re in product development/design yourself. Something for the bookcase that will always have you smiling.

Icons of Style

Cult T-Shirts


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For over 100 years, the T-shirt has been a blank canvas for men the world over – a billboard for advertising their style. This comprehensive guide collects the greatest designs ever seen, from the original US Navy plain white tee that started it all to the iconic logos of Stussy, Supreme, A Bathing Ape and all of the cutting-edge brands that make up the global street wear scene today.


Base Station


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Amazon Prime Day

I can’t handle any more cords around my desk, too many of them! Some that aren’t even connected to anything, some that are connected but to weak power sources that can’t charge a phone in three days. This will be replacing them all, the Nomad Base Station Pro – it’ll be charging my watch, headphones, phone and burner phone. All on one wireless charger, thus cleaning my desk area up and allowing me to procrastinate in far cleaner area. You should get one, up your procrastination skills this year.

Jeff Divine

70’s Surf Photos


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If you were there, even just for some of it–Hawaii, California, surfing, the ’70s–the memories and stories will flow freely from these photographs. Jeff Divine was there for all of it, and these images have been culled from an enormous personal archive. If you weren’t there, likely a large number of us, then you should buy this book (and the one next) and get a great inside viewpoint of what surfing was like the 70’s.

Jeff Divine

80’s Surf Photos


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The 1980s were a tumultuous period in surf history, as the “everything’s groovy” communalism of the previous decade was blown apart into splinter groups. Professionals, rebels, punks and world travelers all banged the drum for their personal vision of surfing. The result was loud and vivid and drenched in fluorescence and neon.

If reading our Amazon Prime Day Buyers Guide was too much non-surf content, here’s something to balance it out. Watch the below clip of Dylan Graves (from the series, Weird Waves) surfing the Severn River, where meets up with Guinness World Record holder for longest ride on the Severn River, Steve King. Where does Steve find time to surf in between writing critically acclaimed novels? I really loved this run of content of Vans, it was fun to watch it all and get a different aspect on surfing.

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