Twin Fin boards are the funnest boards you can ride. Anyone who argues that is probably still in their high performance phase of ‘the only boards that matter’ journey, we’ve all been there. Twin fin boards get you out there when it’s crappy, when it’s good, when it’s just an escape to try something different. Marvellous additions to your quivers, everyone should have one in their rotation.

The earliest documented twin fin surfboard is probably a model built by Tom Blake, possibly in Hawaii, circa 1943. Probably unaware of Blake’s example, Bob Simmons in California developed a multi fin design in 1948. He only manufactured a small number of his long based Twin fin model but, like most of his innovations, the long term impact was considerable. Riding twin fins will get you a ton more speed, and even some amazing feeling of drive on the right one, they get challenging on your backhand or when it’s a big bigger (but that’s where the fun comes in – trying to ride it!)

This Twin Fin Buyers Guide isn’t exhaustive by any means, it’s basically a run down of what I own or want to own/test out. Have at it, email me if you think we skipped, missed or don’t know of someone who’s making amazing Twins.


Retro Pro


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If you’re going to get any Twin Fins into your surfboard rotation you have to start with a MR Retro Twin, fail this and you fail yourself and all those around you. Just do it, order one – bonus points if you can order one from Mark direct and get to have a chin wag the legend.

This model, the Retro Pro Twin, is an update to Mark’s most popular Retro model, the 1980 Retro Twin Fin (which I’m not sure he shapes anymore? anyone know?). The Retro Pro shares a similar retro rocker, vee bottom, fluted wings and thickness distribution. The main difference is the outline plan shape has been modified to incorporate a narrower nose and a wider more curved tail.




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One of the newest additions to my quiver of boards, it still baffles me how excited I get when I take home boards I’ve been chasing for a while. I got this just before Xmas along with a Cafe Racer, and I can say in all honesty it’s one of the nicest boards I own (might be the wooden keels that are glassed on helping too)

Still probably the most versatile design of all surfboard craft. If you were stranded on an island for the next 10 years and were only allowed one board this would be (one of) my recommendation. Double foil fins with low cant and toe complimented by the twin pin tail allow this board to reach high speeds and insure hold whenever on the rail.

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Album Surf



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Album has been coming on hot over the last couple of years, although I still haven’t ridden one they’re constantly front of mind for the next board purchase. This one, the Sunstone, is from the mind of their newest recruit – Asher Pacey.

It’s a baseline twin-fin fish for everyday surf and travel. It has a traditional fish sensibility that’s been refined to perform and feel more alive. It has elements from their long-running UTF model, but with a new outline and a more pronounced vee off the exit, along with a little more double-concave under the back foot. Paddles like a beast and gets up to speed right away. Can be ridden with keel fins or more of an upright twin template depending on where you’re surfing.

JS Industries

Black Barron


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After posting a shot of my new Cafe Racer, I had one comment jump out:

“Clearly you haven’t ridden a #blackbaron 👌🏻”

Kinda stuck with me, and while I’d seen them around here and there the comment made me ride down to Kirra Surf and have a proper look at one. Won’t lie, they’re pretty nice under arm and on the eye. A little more performance designed then I normally chase in Twin Fins but still a worthy addition to the quiver.

Whether you’re surfing weak beachies or quality, down the line points and reefs, the Black Baron is a hybrid that allows you to take whatever approach you’re interested in, from exploring new lines and just how fast you can go on a wave, to combining sharp rail turns with throwing the tail. Whatever way you go, it’s all about maximum fun.


Twin Fin


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Is this where it all started? The Twin Fins resurgence, did it come from DHD? Not saying he invented them, or made them famous back in the day, but I sure as hell can remember these being the first ones out the gate (thanks to Asher, and Micro) before you see the onslaught of ‘performance twin fins’ we have today.

This is merge of old and new, a little nostalgia with a modern day twist makes this perfect for 1 to 4ft surf. And, apparently, if you put the trailer fin you can slice on it up to 6ft although I’d be reaching for a Sweet Spot at that stage.

You’ll find the board has a nice wider template and some solid foam under your chest, both give you some extra zing for catching everything and getting speed straight off the bat. Overall, it’d be a fun board to add to the collection – a nice in the middle point of performance and nostalgia.

Channel Islands




To be honest, I don’t know shi* about this new model from Channel Islands. It’s the “Fishbeard” which is a combo of the Neckbeard and CI Fish. The outline looks amazing, the logo make the board look gorgeous and the surfing Parker is doing on it (check the second bottom turn!) makes it look all sorts of fun.

It releases later this week (16th Jan), so we’ll all know more then!


We have review the Channel Islands Fishbeard, you can read that review here.

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Tyler Warren

Bar of Soap


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This is one of the boards on my wish list that has not yet been added, and it kills me. Do you remember that clip from years ago of Tyler ripping out at Lowers on one? Amazing to me and had me sold on the spot.

Tyler Warren is a surfer you’ve probably seen in some Billabong ads over the last few years. He shapes and shreds a wide variety of boards, very talented guy indeed. The Bar of Soap is a Mini-Simmons derivative that is fast, glidy, and rippable. The fastest surfboard of all time is the claim on Tyler’s site, the board is fast and loose like a bar of soap on a wet tile floor.

Rolled hull entry transitioning to a double concave/spiral vee, in combination with very wide planing surface area allow these little guys to absolutely fly. The Bar of Soap is a versatile board that’s quick down the line and easy to maneuver.


Bertlemann Twin


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Tim had one, Watto had one, Nat had one, lots of people in Torquay had them. I’d never ridden one but was always perplexed at the ‘why’ was everyone raving about these boards. Then I rode one – Tim’s first, then Nat’s (which I lost onto the rocks, smh).

The Bertlemann Twin fins from GASH are amazing. Go a little bit bigger in volume then you normally would and you’ll be trimming and carving up a storm. Backhand is a challenge though, but given you have finally gotten a board from Browny more than makes up for it. In all honesty, who needs to go backhand anyway…

If you want one, hit the contact button and wait for Browny to hit you back. Don’t expect it this week or next, just wait and be there to pick up when he does call.

7S Surfboards



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I’ve always been of the opinion that twin fins are some of the funnest boards you’ll ever have in your quiver, and the 7S Hook re-confirmed that for me. I rode this a few times out at 2ft Greenmount and it went insanely fast but also held it’s rail for the most part. The ability to get around sections, float with speed and generally enjoy surfing with a different approach is what had me falling in love with the 7S Hook. The extra buoyancy the volume and materials gave me allowed me to slow down my approach and take time to lengthen a carve or just visualise a turn clearer – instead of reacting after triple bottom turning and forcing a turn. Personally, I’d recommend this anyone who’s chasing something a little spicy in their quiver or who are maybe looking for something to smooth their surfing out, especially given it’s current price of sub $500!

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Mayhem x MR

Cali Twin


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A Modern, single to double concave, twin + trailer “Fish”, based off MR’s most popular modern shortboard – The SuperTwin. Mark allowed me (Mayhem) the honor of tweaking his iconic #SuperTwin model to create a modern, user friendly, small wave weapon.

We dramatically lowered the entry rocker, widened the nose and tail block, and added a couple inches of width to the overall outline, giving gobs of glide in gutless surf. We flattened the deck for stability, but retained MR’s classic speedy, down soft rails and his modern performance tail rocker. Ensuring it still turns proper and precise. Flat where it needs to be, but still curvy in the right spots, and skates along but still turns in tight spots.

This is a Fish that you can grovel the small stuff, but still really rip on.

— copy pulled directly from Matt as it outlines everything you need to know. I haven’t ridden on yet…


The Saint


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I wrestled for a long time on whether to include this or not. It’s an iconic piece, The Saint, but the shine of it sure has been worn down by the 89 World Champ over the last couple of years. Take that away and just focus on how amazing this board is, the surfing old mate did on it back in the day and you’ll have plenty of smiles happening every surf 🙂

This performance twin model features a fuller, winged swallow outline, and a beaked nose. The single flyer allows the tail to pull in at the back allowing for tighter turns in the pocket. Designed by the legendary Glen Pang The Saint is, almost, everything you could want in a twin fin.

Definitely need to get one to review though, probably should chase up all of them ahahaha. Perfect excuse for new boards – reviews!

Campbell Brothers

Alpha Omega


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from the Campbell Brothers:

“The Alpha Omega is a Bonzer Twin Fin. We built our first one during the Fall-Winter season of 1977-78. It was made for Duncan, and he put it through its paces in everything from knock around surf, to way overhead top to bottom tubes at Silverstrand Beach. The template was based on what MR  was doing, and we combined it with our Bonzer Light Vehicle bottom design.

We have slightly modified the template. The tail isn’t quite so narrow, but the nose template is the same as the original. The bottom is the Bonzer Light Vehicle design and the fins are very similar to the template MR used back in the day.

Simply put; it is a supercharged twin fin.”

This is far from an exhaustive list of available Twin Fins out there, there’s some gold not on the list like Vouch, Gary McNeill, Shawn Stussy, and others who are out there creating fun Twin Fins. I tried to create a list that catered to the all the areas of twins we ride, people are out here on performance ones, retro ones and even ones that have lost their back fin. If I’ve left someone out who you think is amazing and it’s terrible I skipped them, email me and I’ll add them in here.

Other’s we missed – and thanks to you guys for emailing us – include:
*Mackie Designs – Sidecut Fish
*Josh Keogh Surfboards – Monad
*Akila Aipa – Performance Twin

In the meantime, go surf, go ride a twin (or anything really). Anything that gives you the fun a twin does, sure as hell are the smiley boards in my world right now probably yours too.

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