This Surf Brands on Instagram report is part of a bigger 250+ account analysis I’ve just finished, and I’ll have in-depth reports about the Quiksilver IG, and General Pants IG, on the site tomorrow. But for this single report I’ve pulled out the top 10 Surf Brands on Instagram based around following count at end 2019 (if you want a look at 2018, click here). We’re anchoring all the graphs around number of fans – high too low.
What constitutes a ‘surf brand’ these days? Good question, had to actually asked around a bit to get to clearer, objective point to de-clutter the list a bit.
The main points/questions I came up are ::
1/ If they cut their surf program, would they still work as a brand
2/ Do they make products for the act of surfing.
With that in mind it helped cut a few accounts out to create a list that is very surf, and also gives us clearer look at how the industry performs on Instagram. Also, please remember, I picked this list back in 2015 and picked the biggest account (at the time) for each brand. So there’s some accounts that could be in, but aren’t – @RipCurl_Aus for example, amongst others.
But overall, this should just give you an idea of how the industry is performing, give you a benchmark of sorts. If you want a more detailed report, lemme know. And, color codes for you::
2019: Yellow
2017: Grey
2015: Purple
PS – If you’d like a far more in-depth report around how the Quiksilver, or General Pants, Instagram accounts performed in 2019 (and years previous), we have detailed reports on both accounts available for you over here.