mine77 Summer Collection

mine77 is Jake Burton's creative outlet under the Burton umbrella

mine77 throws it back to those early days in the barn, when there was nothing more than one man and a vision. With 50 years of riding under his belt, Burton designed a signature collection that embodies his ideal kit to take on any mountain. This collection is a late summer hit out, or early winter for us in Aus, and features a run of product that should hold up well through winter and into spring.

If you want to know more about the origins of mine77, hit this interview with Jake about it all, or just go shopping at mine77 now.

“Product development is in my blood. I love it. Obsessing over every detail, tweaking, testing, and always improving. It’s something I can’t stop thinking about. This collection is my creative outlet. And it presents me an opportunity to collaborate with some cool people who share my passion.”

Jake Burton

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