Eroded Surfboards


Following the release of ‘Eroded Surfboard’ by Haydenshapes and Daniel Arsham which sold out within minutes of launch on Friday, a ‘Wave Relic’ themed pop up store featuring the complete collaboration collection is coming to Bondi May 8 & 9.

Daniel Arsham, Hayden Cox & Chris Stamp walk into a bar...

The highlight of the release is the functional eroded “crystalized” surfboard by Arsham and Haydenshapes featuring quartz and selenite detailing, developed in Hayden’s custom facility in Mona Vale.  This groundbreaking design was released  online on April 30 in an edition of 500 surfboards, selling through in just 7 minutes and grossing 1.25million !!

Made using traditional surfboard foam, resin and fiberglass, it’s the untraditional and experimental construction methods that make it so one of a kind. The brief; incorporate Arsham’s fictional archeological erosions in 3D physical form and replicate a similar feel and function of a traditional surfboard. After many failed attempts, the finished result is a typical shortboard weight and shape, featuring eroded hollow sections scattered internally throughout the board beneath a clear polished fiberglass shell (windows).

The most ‘scarce’ of the collection and available in the Bondi pop up store for view and limited purchase is the solid clear resin surfboard sculpture by Haydenshapes and Arsham.  The non-function sculptural work was first revealed back in late 2019, pre-covid, at Daniel’s  pop-up exhibition “The House” at Selfridges in London. Weighing in at around 40 kgs and made using proprietary single pour large format casting methods, just 30 of the Wave Relic collaboration showpieces are available world wide. Each sculpture comes with a heavyweight upcycled compound floor stand made with surfboard foam waste, gloves for handling, a hand signed certificate of authenticity by both Daniel Arsham and Hayden Cox.

The Wave Relic pop up store will also feature a selection of items curated by  Hayden Cox including IWC Schaffhausen timepieces plus selected books and accessories.

Inside the Wave Relic Pop-Up Store

A (very) quick chat with Hayden Cox

EA – How did the relationship with Daniel Arsham come about?
HC – I reached out to Daniel around 3 years ago about the idea of working on a project together. I always really loved his work and the idea of how that could be placed within the design and construction of a surfboard. We started experimenting with some ideas and really locked into the ‘Eroded Surfboard’ concept and how we could physically incorporate his signature fictional archeology yet make it functional. Around a year and a half into the project we started chatting about how some of the creative direction spoke to apparel and this is when Chris Stamp came on board and designed the collaboration range. 

EA – How long did it take to complete the project from Start to Finish points? 
HC – We took our time with it and there was no pressure on deadlines or anything, we just wanted to make something really cool that we were stoked on. The clear resin sculpture may have taken the longest to perfect as large format resin casting is super complex and the material is extremely challenging. That part of the project has tested my patience more than anything I’d say. The Eroded Surfboard went through around 3 or 4 construction interactions before we were happy with it. There was always something missing as it would either nail it aesthetically and functionally it didn’t cut it or vice versa. I had one more attempt of building it left in me and I’m stoked with where it landed. The beauty of it is that a lot of the techniques we developed to build this board more or less live and die within this one project. Creatively I’ve loved it, it’s ultimately been a journey of experimentation. 

EA – Is this a one-off or are there more DA x HS projects happening?
HC – Who knows! You’ll have to stay tuned 🙂

EA – Will we see anything with the completely clear (and heavy?!) surfboard?
HC – Yes, this one is for sale but more low key as it’s an art piece mostly for collectors. There are only 30 of these and they are the most scarce of the collaboration between Daniel and I.

EA – Whats the details on the store?
HC – Wave Relic by Daniel Arsham, Haydenshapes, Stampd Pop Up Store
97 Hall Street Bondi Beach May 8 and 9 only

EA – What can we buy there?
HC – The complete Wave Relic collection including the Eroded Surfboard and Crystal Sculpture by Haydenshapes x Daniel Arsham and the Wave Relic surfboard and apparel range made in collaboration with Stampd.

EA – Info on the casting session?
HC – We have offered limited spots for people to book and take part in fin casting sessions in store using upcycled foam compound from our surfboard manufacturing waste. It’s a cool little memento from the pop up!

The Surfboards

Wave Relic Pop Up Information

MAY 8 and 9.

97 Hall Street Bondi Beach

Register to secure your ‘Wave Relic’ workshop casting session and exclusive object with Hayden Cox at from May 3 – May 7 (unless fully booked). Limited spots are available. 

And for a full view of the entire offering, and more info, click this and you’ll download a full, in-depth PDF to enjoy 🙂