SurFebruary! It’s a movement that encourages you to surf every day as well raise awareness and funds for cancer research. Not bad huh?! It was all somewhat news to me when Mike Durante hit me up about it, but the more I’ve read into it the more it excites me.

Mike shared:
“In other news, I’ve teamed up with a mate of mine to help run a fundraising event called SurFebruary. It’s all about catching a wave a day in February to help raise money for cancer research and patient support. Surf, Bodybash, SUP, kite…..whatever you like, it’s pretty flexible. Last year I rode a bunch of different boards to mix things up, fun times. It’s all for the greater good. All money goes to the Chris Obrien Lifehouse….no-one is getting paid…got some sweet prizes though! A bit of info attached.”

About Surfebraury


Nothing quite beats the feeling of plunging your head under cool ocean waves, breathing in the salinity and feeling a part of the big, blue marble that we call Earth. After a trying time in their life, husband and wife team Arron and Jenna-Lea Clark along with Mike Durante decided to harness the power of this natural phenomenon for the good of others by launching SurFebuary.

With an annual campaign in February, participants are encouraged to catch a wave a day to raise life-changing funds for cancer patients, carers and their families.

SurFebruary partners with Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, a world-class not-for-profit integrated cancer treatment centre, and fully operational cancer hospital. They share a mission to educate the population about cancer, provide diagnosis and treatment, care for sufferers and their families, and to soon prevent cancer once and for all.

Get involved with SurFebruary

Last year SurFebruary raised a touch over 75k, this year the goal is 150k and you can help them get there by doing one of two things…

1/ Register as a solo, join a team or start a team. Obviously, you’ve missed the Feb 1 kick-off date, but there’s still plenty of time to get onboard and make it happen. To do that, hit this link for more.

2/ Donate to a solo or a team, you can donate to anyone you want that’s registered, Hit his profile to donate here.

Overall tho, there’s a bunch of info to consume over at SurFebruary. Hit that up, get involved somehow and also just go surf. The more we surf, the better we are.

SurFebruary Contacts: