Surfing Podcasts, well podcasts in general, are hot property right now with anyone with a voice and microphone stepping up to the plate to share their opinion. And this ain’t a bad thing, I’m all for more surf talk especially on the drive home of the long-ass commute I endure.

But, like anything when it becomes popular, it’s become hard to sift through the crap to get to the cream. So this little list is a handy helper to let you sift through the crap easier/quicker and get your audio on with the best surfing podcasts. Also, if you want to see the list of podcasts I regularly listen to, hit this.

It’s not exhaustive, nor might it suit your subjective surfing needs, but for me (and Tim) it’s the rough list of the surfing podcasts we listen to the most or are on heavy rotation. If you have there are some surfing podcasts out there that we’ve missed or should include, let us know via email.

If you’re new to podcasts, or are still listening to them on the Apple Podcasts app, you’re better off using something like Pocketcasts, Anchor or Overcast. They all make your listening experience a lot better.

Lipped, The Surfer's Podcast

Lipped started out fairly heavy on Fantasy Surfer guides/tips/thoughts and has slowly evolved to being a lot more. The hosts, Cahill & Jim, both play conversational ping pong most of the time with chats ranging from who’s been ripping to who’s been stinking it up to all the way across to hot topics within surf itself. While they dance around various topics they generally do put an opinion out there without too much sugar.

The Fantasy side of the show, early on, was quite informative if you were sucking at the game and was entertaining to listen to the two of them go back/forth. Interviews with a varied range of surfers and surfing characters, along with a new’ish show – Off The Lip – where Jim goes Han Solo with his interviews. Right now, it’s a good listen most of the time and is improving at a quick rate.

Latest Lipped episode

Ain't That Swell Podcast

Perhaps the blue ribbon surfing podcast out of them all, at the moment, is Ain’t That Swell. Hosted by Vaughan Blakey and Jed Smith – two surf media royalty in my eyes – the podcast is a straight-up re-creation of Australian surf culture in an audio format. This show is always entertaining, from the live shows like the recent Burleigh one to the pre-recorded ones with interviews and current surf talk.

Having sparked their own war cry of ‘up the fucking swellians!’, the show has created quite the following amongst the surf crowd and will most likely go from strength to strength this year. Listening to Ain’t That Swell you can expect some great interviews that sit alongside their charismatic and entertaining approach to delivering a podcast. Could be over the top with energy for some, but for most, it’s a great listen.

Latest Ain't That Swell episode

Surf Splendour Podcast

David Scales runs, probably?, the first surf focused podcast network with multiple shows all under his ‘Surf Splendour’ banner. Surf Splendour started out with some interviews and bi-weekly chats with Scott Bass around all things surf with a focus on the professional aspect (WSL) but has since evolved into a variety of shows. Including one show that has probably brought in more new listeners to his network than others – The Grit.

The Grit is in partnership with Chas Smith from Beach Grit, where in-between talking rumours, gossip and shooting off thoughts, Chas gets into fights with Stab editor Ashton Goggins. It’s interesting listening to the approach David takes when talking to Scott (Spit!) or talking to Chas (Grit!). For the most part, the Surf Splendour network delivers a pretty solid range of surfing podcasts that suits everyone tastes/interest, I’m always listening to something new from them.

Latest Surf Splendour episode

The Boardroom Show Podcast

The Boardroom Show sits under the Surf Splendour umbrella, but it’s hosted Han Solo by Scott Bass (the other half of Spit!) and so, I have given the show it’s own slot as a surfing podcast you should listen to. It’s pretty much Scott interviewing, having a chin wag, with a varied range of surfing (mostly shapers) personalities with the highlight one so far being the Mayhem episode.

When listening, skip the first five minutes as it’s take a bit for Scotty to get warmed up via his intro’s but once he’s into them they turn in solid, insightful, conversations. Mainly because Scott’s really quite knowledgable within surf having played around in the scene since way back, that combined with him running The Boardroom Show (an actual surfboard focused trade show) and you can see why’s he good at this.

Latest Boardroom Show episode

Swell Season Radio

I’ve only just started listening to Swell Season, and it’s been pretty good so far. The hosts are based out NY, and the show does have a bit more of that coast in it’s content – which is fair enough but also gives us a fresh perspective as well.

I probably haven’t listened to enough shows to really shoot off a proper opinion, but I had Jim from Lipped recommend the show to me and I trust his opinions around surfing podcasts. So yeah, give it a listen…

Latest Swell Season episode

The Wire Podcast

Probably my favourite surf podcasts out of all the ones listed here, and the only brand based one we’ve included. The Wire, while focused around Firewire, Slater Designers, etc, still delivers a strong podcast that consistently shares a bunch of insights alongside an entertaining conversation, which I put down to the research that the host does – Chris Grow (he used to run Shred Show on youtube before being scooped by Firewire).

The latest one, with Todd Glasser, is really good. Give it a listen. I’d write more, but I’m cooked, it’s late, and I’m going to bed. Hope you got something out of all these…

Latest episode of The Wire