There’s a shit ton of Black Friday Sales happening right now, and through to Monday. You’re either done with it as it’s overkill, or you’re out hunting new credit cards to feed your habit. Either way, this Black Friday Everlane are stepping it up to donate a bunch of cash and pull a bunch of plastic off the beaches.

Traditionally Everlane always does something on Black Friday where they end up donating a bunch of cash to help others. In 2015 they were able to fund wellness initiatives for the 80 employees at our T-shirt factory in LA. In 2016 they sourced moped helmets for all 8,000 employees at the Everlane factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. And last year, they were able to build organic farms to provide free, healthy meals everyday for 4,000 employees at the Everlane Denim factory in Bien Hoa, Vietnam.

This year, Everlane for Surfrider is happening. One order from you = one less pound of plastic in our oceans.

Let’s break that down: For every order placed, Everlane is donating $13 to Surfrider to fund beach cleanups across the US. They did the math, and one order will get a pound of plastic off the beach. The goal: $260,000 (or 20,000 pounds). Which is pretty damn good.

To help out, we’ve pulled together a list of items we think are good buys or items for your wardrobe. Have a scroll, take a peek and order up – the more you order the better. But if you’re going to do any Black Friday spending, get an order at Everlane.


Pretty straight-forward here, tee’s are the staple of anyone’s wardrobe. We go through tee’s probably more than any other item in our closets, except maybe underwear. Everlane has a wild variety of tee’s available, but once you cut the silhouettes you shouldn’t wear like V-Necks and Henleys it’s a little easier to pick from. Our top three include:
*The Air Tee which is running a nice, lightweight slub
*The Heavyweight Pocket Tee for something a little different.
*The 100% Human Tee so Everlane can double up on the donation support.

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The Air Tee - $22 usd

Description: 100% cotton; 3.8 oz lightweight slub cotton. An easy way to dress for the heat. This lightweight cotton slub tee has a subtly textured look and a weightless feel. Get some air 🤙

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100% Human Tee - $22 usd

Description: 100% combed cotton. For every 100% Human product sold, Everlane is proud to donate $5 towards the ACLU,  as well as our 100% Human pin—free with every purchase while supplies last. #HumanTogether 

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Heavyweight Pocket Tee - $28 usd

Description: 100% cotton; dense, durable, 6.2 oz cotton. Designed for serious wear. A pocket tee made to last, constructed in a 6.2 oz cotton in a dense, durable knit with a dry feel that will get softer over the years to come.


Shirts aren’t anything I wear regularly, even in cold weather I’ll just roll a jacket or hood. Unless it’s an overshirt I can’t deal with pockets, they just look too cubicle heavy and if I wear a shirt I want to feel smart casual vibes. But take my advice here with a grain of salt, here’s our top three:
*The Corduroy Shirt, cause cords always rule
*The Linen Shirt, to help with summer breeziness (go up half a size)
*The Rugby Shirt if you’re on the early prep vibe.

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The Corduroy Shirt - $68 usd

Description: 98% cotton; 2% elastane. What’s not to like? Corduroy is warm, durable, and adds texture to your look—like a sturdy, cool-weather alternative to oxford shirts.

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The Linen Shirt - $60 usd

Description: 100% Linen. Linen always reminds me of Miami Vice, topless cars and wild party summer vibes. Linen is naturally breathable, durable, and cool to the touch. Up to you how to wear it, but don’t get it fitted, let it out for the night. 

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The Rugby Shirt - $40 usd

Description: 100% cotton. Preppy and tough, this shirt has a clean look not dissimilar to a polo (always get the rugby, never the polo), but is made in a much heavier-gauge cotton that can stand up to on-pitch clobbering—or just cold winds.


Jackets, when it’s cold or when it’s warm (go lightweight), are such a good piece at helping to layer a look or to provide some depth. It’s all too easy to wear a shirt and look like every other joe-blow, whereas jackets provide a bit more life, a bit more character. But take my advice here with a grain of salt, here’s our top three:
*The ReNew Puffer Jacket because they’re better then a vest, more versatile and these ones are made up from 13 plastic bottles.
*The Denim Jacket is the same silhouette you see, for the most part, on other truckers but this one’s a little more affordable and quite nice in black.
*The Bomber Jacket, always a personal favourite of mine. I live in these things in colder weather.

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The ReNew Puffer - $98 usd

Description: 100% recycled polyester, made from 16 renewed plastic bottles. A versatile cold-weather layer that has more than a few tricks up its sleeves. This full-zip puffer has an easy, relaxed fit is fully reversible, and can be zipped into its own packable pouch.

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The Denim Jacket - $88 usd

Description: 100% cotton; 13.5 oz. You’re running a milled-in-Japan 13.5 oz denim, and garment-wash each jacket for a one-of-a-kind look. Wear it every day for a patina that’s, even more, your own.

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The Filled Bomber Jacket - $98 usd

Description: Shell: 100% Nylon; Lining: 100% Polyester; Filling: 100% Polyester. Inspired by the original MA-1 flight jacket—but redesigned for cold city streets. Black is also good to get, point is, get one, these things are forever imo.


Bottoms, or pants if we’re being detail freaks as we’re not listing shorts or trunks here. There’s probably better places to get shorts from, especially boardshorts, especially technical boardshorts 🙃

Everlane on the pants game though, is strong, especially around denim. They get their denim made in ‘the world’s cleanest denim factory’, where amongst a bunch of other things it’s using minimal water when producing denim.

There’s also cord pants which for me are the most fun pants you can wear out of denim, chinos and cords. Something about the feeling of cords have me giggling when I’m swooshing all over the joint. Chinos are chinos, you do with them what you do, just make it’s avoiding a khaki color whilst you cubicle your life away.

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Jeans - $68 usd

Description: 98% cotton, 2% elastane. This premium 11 oz Japanese denim has a slight 2-way stretch for comfort in motion. Interesting fact about them? They’re made at the world’s cleanest denim factory < a link I encourage you to click and read up on.

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Straight Chinos - $68 usd

Description: 97% cotton, 3% elastane; sturdy 8.1 oz cotton twill. A classic straight fit chino pant, now in heavier twill. Everlane made these in a sturdy 8.1 oz cotton with a touch of stretch for comfort in motion. Made to last the years, and look good doing it

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Corduroy Pants - $68 usd

Description: 98% cotton; 2% elastane. Corduroy is warm, durable, and adds texture to your look—like a sturdy, cool-weather alternative to chinos or denim. Everlane’s cord fabric is 18-wale, meaning 18 cords per inch (that’s fine-wale, rather than wide). It’s made for flannel-like comfort that will last through the years.

If you’re into buyer’s guides like this. Check out our buyer’s guide page. Uncovering options for things like boardshorts, wetsuits and laired-up party shirts.

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