The AirBnb Experience is something that’s getting a lot of push from AirBnb at the moment with them partnering up with multiple hosts and organisations (WSL!) to set up more then just lodging opportunities for travellors. The AirBnb Experience is more about, as it states, givng you an experience around something of interest, etc.

With that in mind, we sifted through a bunch of surfing based AirBnb Experience options to give you a list of whats out there. The list isn’t exhaustive (as there’s a bunch of trash out there) and it might not be the best of the best, but it should give you an idea of what to expect if you go looking for surfing experiences with AirBnb.

I did hear that the WSL partnership with AirBnb is pretty hectic, with the WSL taking 20% and AirBnb taking 16% of every dollar the host/experience earns. Money aside, lets get into the list of AirBnb Experiences you can access.

Advanced Surfing

Surf with Mark Occhilupo!


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AirBnb Experience - Surfing Mark Occhilupo

That dream you’ve had of showering Occy with your spray as you burn through a G5 cutback in front of him has just become a reality. Book this AirBnb Experience and you’ll be meeting Occy at Kirra Surf, then onto a quick tour of the points before setting up shop for a surf with the 1999 World Champ!

From the 15 reviews ‘surfing with Occy’ has, they’re all running at 5 stars which isn’t a surprise to us as it’s Occy! One reviewer said: “Picture yourself paddling out with Occy at Snapper Rocks, having him to give you some key tips about the take off zone, cheering up about the waves and encouraging you to go into some of the sets. Really a once of a lifetime experience and highly recommend it for anyone passionate about surfing.”

It’ll set ya back $350, plus an extra $200 (cash) if you want to get your session filmed with the great man. Hit that button for more info…

WSL Surf Guide

Teddy Navarro Hurley Surf Club


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AirBnb Experience - Surfing with Ted Navarro

Occy is in Australia, Teddy is in Huntington Beach and while Occ might have him on world titles, Teddy is a surf frother who might be the one person that can make HB fun for you.

You might not get as many waves as Ted does out at HB, but once you’re out there he’ll be helping you with surf technique, line-up judgement, and other areas that should have leaving this AirBnb Experience a better surfer than when you turned up. Extra bonus is you’ll most likely get filmed as Teddy is a GoPro athlete and is always surfing with one in his mouth.

If you’re based, or visiting, the HB area and want to partake $275 will get you quality time with Teddy out amongst the otherwise hectic lineup of HB. Just avoid trying to shoot the pier unless you want to end up on Kook Of The Day.

WSL Workshop

Shape your own surfboard.


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AirBnb Experience - Shape a board with Scott Crump

This is one experience I’d love to see get exanded on and get to the point of being able to shape a board with Mark Richards, Simon Anderson, Bob McTavish and others. That would be amazing in my opinion.

This AirBnb Experience of shaping your own surfboard is with Scott Crump though, I think he used to shape Sol Surfboards out of San Diego before making Australia his home. Good guy, good shaper, you’ll have a ball and learn a ton with Crumpy – might even end up with an ok board depending on how much you do, ha.

Only catch is you gotta go to Evans Head, which when I was growing up was the red-headed step sister of the FNC hahaha. $850 will set you up with a one-of-a-kind shaping experience and have you walking out with a new stick, ready to shred with Occy later on.

Surf Lesson

Surf Lessons in Sayulita


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AirBnb Experience - Surf in Sayulita

This is probably a biased addition to our list of AirBnb Experience Surfing options as I’m a huge fan of Sayulita and it’s surrounding areas. It’s seriously a slice of heaven down there and if you can, you should go visit.

But for this experience you’ll be ponying up $85 to go surf with one of their long-time locals – Chilo – who states, “I know the water, the waves, the break and the reef better than anyone else in town.” (what about papas and kalle?). You’ll have a ball surfing out front of the town centre, or one of the beaches down the road.

Reviews say it all, and Chilo is hitting an average 5 stars everytime with one person leaving the review: “Fantastic experience! I have never tried surfing before and didn’t expect to be able to pop up and actually surf a wave in my very first lesson, but I surfed several by the session’s end! Chilo was what you would want in an instructor, knowledgeable, friendly, he gives excellent feedback for adjustments and a lot of support and encouragement.”

WSL Photoshoot

Film with Jamie Tierney


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AirBnb Experience - Filing with Jamie Tierney

No matter what level of surfer you are, you can always improve. Trying to film yourself or convincing your friends do it is always a struggle, so let Jamie shoot you with his Red Camera. Jamie has been shooting surfing for long time and has shot all the best surfers you can rattle off for all the brands you can think off in surfing.

You’ll see yourself with the final detail of 4k resolution at 120 frames per second, which I’m not sure I’d want to see my style in slow at 4k, ha. But you will leave the session with an amazing clip you can share, some info on how to improve and most likely, an increased thirst to see yourself surf more often (or never again).

$123 and a surf out at El Port (or surrounding areas) might be the best way to spend a weekend in LA if you’re passing through or looking for that extra motivation to get into (or back into) surfing. That or hike Runyon Canyon with your designer dog and Instagram friends.

WSL Surf Guide

Hit the North Shore with Ezra Sitt


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AirBnb Experience - Surf the North Shore with Ezra Sitt

Who wouldn’t want a local guiding them around the North Shore, surfing, checking the sites and maybe even getting slid into a drainer at Backdoor (no idea if that’s on the cards ha). Ezra Sitt is your man for the job with this AirBnb Experience if you’re heading to Hawaii and want some ocean time.

Beginner, Intermediate and even for the ones who think they’re advanced, there’s options for everyone here! You’ll meet Ezra at Banzai Bowls (quick breaky!) at Sunset Beach where you’ll assess the day’s conditions with him and take off to surf the best spot (might not be Backdoor) for the day.

Take you’re own board, or if you don’t own one just let Ezra know and he can make sure you’re set up on something that suits your ability. Depending on what you’re chasing, this could be a pretty damn good way to spend a day in Hawaii.

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